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Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about lacrosse and the Glacier Peak Lacrosse Club.  If you still have a question after reading the FAQ's below, feel free to email [email protected].

Q. What is the Glacier Peak Lacrosse Club?

A. The Glacier Peak Lacrosse Club (GPLC) was established in 2016 to provide boys in Snohomish County with the opportunity to learn and play the sport of lacrosse.

The GPLC was formed after a decision by WHSBLA to split GP and Snohomish into separate high school teams.  Glacier Peak Boys lacrosse includes youth and high school players from the Glacier Peak High School area of Snohomish. Find more information HERE.

Q. What does GPLAX mean?

A. GPLAX is an abbreviation for Glacier Peak Lacrosse. Lacrosse is often abbreviated as "LAX".

Q. Are the Glacier Peak Lacrosse Club teams affiliated with the Snohomish School District?

A. No. Although the Glacier Peak Lacrosse Club uses Snohomish School District facilities for games and practices, the Glacier Peak Lacrosse Club is not affiliated with the Snohomish School district.

Q. How many teams play for the Glacier Peak Lacrosse Club?

A. The Glacier Peak Lacrosse Club has High School and Youth Lacrosse programs for boys. We have teams for grade levels Kindergarten through 8th grade and High School.

Q. Who can play for the Glacier Peak Lacrosse Club?

A. Youth grades K through 8 are expected to draw from geographic boundaries that fall within their high school area. Refer to NSYL Boundary and Play For Rules 5.0.0.

HS grades 9 through 12 students must enrolled as a student at GPHS.

Q. When does the Lacrosse Season start?

A. The lacrosse season runs from February to June, with league games beginning in March. The youth start in early February and high school teams begin practice the first day of HS spring sports in late Feb/early March. Practices for youth teams grades 3-6 are normally 2 days per week, 7/8 teams will practice 3 days per week.  High school teams practice for 2 hours daily 5-6 days per week and normally play two games per week.

Q. Where do the Glacier Peak Lacrosse Club teams practice and play their games?

A. The Glacier Peak Lacrosse Club’s main practice and home game fields are located at Valley View Middle School and Glacier Peak High School.

Q. What teams does the Glacier Peak Lacrosse Club compete against?

A. The Glacier Peak Lacrosse Club competes against teams from much of the greater Seattle and North Sound area. HS Playoffs take place in early to mid-May and culminate in the Championship week at the end of May/early June.

Teams that play can be found in the following Leagues:

BOYS YOUTH: North Sound Youth Lacrosse (

BOYS HIGH SCHOOL:  Wesco conference of the (

Q. Are any additional fees required besides the membership registration fee?

A. Yes

  • Uniforms – As mentioned, each division has a uniform fee of $25 to $100 for the season.         
  • US Lacrosse membership required - $25 for youth players, $35 for HS players. Required for all GPLax players, our registration system will direct you to USA Lacrosse during the registration process.
  • Equipment - players must provide their own equipment (see next question) 

Q. How much does the equipment cost and what is required?

A.  All players will need to obtain equipment as required by the league.

  • Lacrosse helmet
  • Lacrosse stick
  • Gloves (High School must have navy blue as the primary color)
  • Shoulder pads
  • Arm pads
  • Colored mouth guard
  • Athletic cup
  • Cleats

Entry-level boy's equipment costs typically range from $150 to $200 for the younger grades. Lacrosse Wolf, Play it Again Sports, Craigslist, Ebay, and Sideline Swap are great options for gently used basics.  Play it Again does have a decent selection of new equipment as well.  Buying online is another option.  The following are great online companies for new equipment:, and

Q. Why am I required to become a member of US Lacrosse?

A. Insurance coverage is the main reason for this requirement. This policy protects the individual member if he or she is injured during a covered lacrosse activity, and cover most of the out-of-pocket medical, dental and hospital expenses resulting from that injury. See below for additional added benefits that come with your required membership.

  • Subscription to Lacrosse Magazine
  • How-to videos, articles, clinics and more for players, coaches and officials
  • Access to first-class playing opportunities
  • Special member pricing for our annual convention
  • Discounts on tickets to college and pro games
  • Eligibility for grants and free resources to help you grow the game locally
  • Members-only emails with special offers on gear, apparel and more

Q. What are the registration fees used to pay for?

A. Membership registration fees cover the operational expenses of the Glacier Peak Lacrosse Club. This includes league dues, field rental expenses, referee fees, lacrosse balls, goals, nets for goals, score tables, timers, and light rentals.

Q. The GPLC website has a section that asks for donations. I already paid my registration fee why should I donate additional money?

A. Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the State of Washington and across the entire country. As our club grows, the cost of fielding teams increases every year.  Your donation will go far towards helping to keep the costs down for our kids, ensure more participation by those that otherwise could not afford it, and ensuring that lacrosse, the “Fastest game on 2 feet,” continues to thrive in our area.  Additional donations and fundraising all go to support coaching fees.

Please email our club if you are interested in making a donation to our club.

Q. If I donate money to the Glacier Peak Lacrosse Club is my donation tax deductible?

A. Yes. The Glacier Peak Lacrosse Club is registered with the Washington State Secretary of State's office as a Nonprofit Charitable organization, and is registered with the United States Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3)tax exempt organization.  If you decide to make a donation, be sure to check with your employer for matches.  Boeing and Microsoft both will match your donation.

Q. Can my company/employer become a sponsor for Glacier Peak Lacrosse Club?

A. Absolutely!  Click HERE for our different levels of sponsorship and what you will receive in return for your partnership.

Q. If we can’t afford the registration fee, what are our options?

A.  Under some circumstances the Glacier Peak Lacrosse Club will provide financial assistance to cover some or all of the registration costs for families who demonstrate financial need. Equipment can often be borrowed from other players or bought second hand. Please contact our club to discuss further.

Q. What is the refund policy for Spring Registration?

A. REFUND POLICY effective 2022 season: 

  • FULL refund for registration costs minus $25 admin fee if requested prior to the first scheduled practice.
  • Uniform costs will be refunded in full prior to the first practice for youth.
  • No refunds after the first practice of the season.


Q. Are there any other costs involved throughout the season?

A. We do have fundraisers (some mandatory) that we ask everyone to participate in and the money raised goes to general club fundraising efforts to help pay for operational expenses of the Glacier Peak Lacrosse Club. We also participate in some tournaments throughout the season that will have costs associated with them and they are optional to participate.

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